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Bentomat DN

Bentomat® DN is a reinforced needlepunched GCL that not only has high internal shear strength, but also provides excellent interface friction on both sides of the GCL. Bentomat DN is ideally suited for steep-slope liner/cover systems where intimate geomembrane contact is less critical than overall liner system stability.

Material property Test method Test frequency (m²) Required values
Bentonite Swell Index1 ASTM D 5890 1 per 50 tonnes 24 ml/2g min
Bentonite Fluid Loss1 ASTM D 5891 1 per 50 tonnes 18 ml max
Bentonite Mass/Area2 ASTM D 5993 4 000 m² 3,6 kg/m² min
GCL Peel Strength3 ASTM D 6768 20 000 m² 88 N/cm MARV
GCL Peel Strength3 ASTM D 6496 4 000 m² 6,1 N/cm min
GCL Index Flux4 ASTM D 5887 Weekly 1 x 10-8 m³/m²/sec max
GCL Hydraulic Conductivity4 ASTM D 5887 Weekly 5 x 10-9 cm/sec max
GCL Hydrated InternalShear Strength5 ASTM D 5321
ASTM D 6243
Periodic 24 kPa typ @ 200 psf
Panel specifications
Products Dimensions width x length Area Effective area
Bentomat DN 4,4 m x 45,7 m
(14,5 ft x 150 ft)
202 m²
(2 175 ft²)
193 m²
(2 071 ft²)
Caractéristiques des rouleaux
Products Dimensions length x dia. Nominal weight Rolls/Truckload
Bentomat DN 4,9 m x 610 mm
(16 ft x 24 in)
1 200 kg
(2 650 lbs)
15 rolls
per truckload

  1. Bentonite property tests performed at a bentonite processing facility before shipment to CETCO's GCL production facilities.
  2. Bentonite mass/area reported at 0 percent moisture content.
  3. All tensile strength testing is performed in the machine direction using ASTM D 6768. All peel strength testing is performed using ASTM D 6496. Upon request, tensile and peel results can be reported per modified ASTM D 4632 using 4 inch grips.
  4. Index flux and permeability testing with deaired distilled/deionized water at 80 psi (551kPa) cell pressure, 77 psi (531 kPa) headwater pressure and 75 psi (517 kPa) tailwater pressure. Reported value is equivalent to 925 gal/acre/day. This flux value is equivalent to a permeability of 5x10-9 cm/sec for typical GCL thickness. Actual flux values vary with field condition pressures. The last 20 weekly values prior the end of the production date of the supplied GCL may be provided.
  5. Peak values measured at 200 psf (10 kPa) normal stress for a specimen hydrated for 48 hours. Site-specific materials, GCL products and test conditions must be used to verify internal and interface strength of the proposed design.