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Akwaseal® is made with two water barriers: Bentonite Clay and a Flexible Plastic Membrane. The bentonite clay is sandwiched between two textiles which are needle punched together. The membrane is permanently laminated to the outer Akwaseal® Pond Liner Roll surface. The result is an easy-to-install, self-healing, self-seaming liner requiring little maintenance. The swelling properties of the bentonite clay and cushioning of the textiles eliminate the need for seam welding and underlayments. Our ISO certified manufacturing process creates a consistent low permeability product that won't shrink, crack, float, or balloon in any water containment application.

Certified properties
Material property Test method Required values
Bentonite Swell Index1 ASTM D 5890 24 ml/2g
Bentonite Fluid Loss ASTM D 5891 18 ml
Bentonite Mass/Area1 ASTM D 5993 2,44 kg/m²
GCL Peel Strength ASTM D 4632 530 N
Taux de d'exfiltration2 ASTM D 6496 liters/hectare/day
(0,036 mm/day)
Panel specifications
Products Dimensions width x length Area Effective area
Akwaseal 4,6 m x 30,5 m
(15 ft x 100 ft)
139,4 m²
(1 500 ft²)
132 m²
(1 420 ft²)
Caractéristiques des rouleaux
Products Dimensions length x dia. Nominal weight Rolls/Truckload
Akwaseal 4,9 m x 560 mm
(16 ft x 22 in)
680 kg
(1 500 lbs)
30 rolls
per truckload

  1. Bentonite mass reported on dry weight basis. Finished product contains some moisture, so actual unit weight is higher.
  2. Maximum expected leakage rate of a complete seamed liner system, as based on lab testing. Actual performance may be higher or lower than this amount depending on site conditions and installation quality. Refer to CETCO's Pond Design Manual for further details.
  3. Typical values are based on periodic data.