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Geosynthetic clay liners
Claymax® 200R Akwaseal
Bentomat® ST Bentomat® DN
Bentomat® SDN Bentomat® CL
Bentomat® CLT  
Smooth HDPE geomembranes Smooth LLDPE geomembranes
Textured HDPE geomembranes Textured LLDPE geomembranes
PVC geomembrandes ULC ORD/C58.9 listed geomembranes
Separation geotextiles Protection geotextiles
Reinforcement geotextiles Filtration geotextiles
160 mils thick geonets 250 mils thick geonets
200 mils thick geonets 270 mils thick geonets
220 mils thick geonets 330 mils thick geonets
Drainage geocomposites
Single sided geocomposites Double sided geocomposites